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Horizon Health Network


In partnership with Horizon Health Network, Primary Health Care and Medical Staff Office, Salvus is able to provide primary health care to individuals in our region who are experiencing multiple barriers and often have no other place to call their medical home.

United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick


In partnership with our local United Way, we co-manage four peer supported housing buildings. The United Way also contributes to our Community Navigator position that assists individuals in navigating the myriad of social service programming in our region.

Department of Social Development


In partnership with the Department of Social Development, Salvus can provide intensive case management to individuals who are exiting homelessness.

Saint John Human Development Council


Through our partnership with the Saint John Human Development Council, we are able to provide navigation services to individuals who are seeking assistance with community services, financial services, our Trusteeship program, and other navigation services.

City of Moncton


Through funding provided by the City of Moncton, we are looking at our overall housing program strategy through a Housing Team Lead position.

Rising Tide Community Initiatives


In partnership with Rising Tide Community Initiatives, we have funds to offer Peer Support Training and programming to individuals in our community who are looking to expand upon their lived experience or support those who are working through their recovery journey.

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