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About Salvus

The Salvus mission

Salvus's mission is to provide access to primary health care, housing support, and service navigation to those within our community who are surviving and experiencing barriers related to homelessness, poverty, mental health, and substance use.

How we are different

Salvus is a different kind of organization. It offers hope and support to those who feel like there is none left. We understand that simple health problems can become unmanageable when basic needs for housing, shelter, support, and primary health care can't be met. Salvus treats the whole person. 

Salvus provides collaborative care to all individuals regardless of where they are at. This includes counselling, supportive addiction management, screening and prevention of illness, housing support, and social service navigation.


Originally located within a local homeless shelter, Salvus relocated to the Community Peace Centre in 2012. Salvus lies on the path to a soup kitchen, is easily reached by public transit or walking, and is wheelchair accessible. The clinic has the added bonus of being located on the first floor and can be accessed discretely by clients throughout the day.

Meeting the need together

Salvus links with various community and government agencies such as Horizon Health Network, Vitalité Health Network, Department of Social Development, local shelters, Ensemble, YWCA, and United Way, to name a few, for the purpose of improving wrap-around services to meet the complex needs of our clients.

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