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The Elephant in the Room

May 21 2-10 pm Press Club An event to raise funds and awareness about mental health. A silent auction and Kat & The Red Hat, Furlong & Smith, Bruised Orange, The Push, Jared Lutes, Matt Landry Band, Mud River Rockers, Hone The Craft, Cauldren Project and Blabbermouth Blues Band will perform.

Clinic Hours

H: Monday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Tuesday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Wednesday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Thursday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Friday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

We are closed between 12:00PM and 1:00PM for lunch.

Contact Us

22 Church Street
Suite T190
Moncton, NB
E1C 0P7

P: (506) 384-7283

F: (506) 384-7285


About Salvus Clinic

Salvus Clinic's objective is to provide access to Primary Health Care to those within our area suffering with issues relating to homelessness, poverty, mental health and substance use. 

Salvus Clinic is a different kind of clinic. It offers hope and help to those who feel like there is none left. They understand that simple health problems can become unmanageable when basic needs for food, shelter and medications can't be met. Salvus Clinic treats the whole person. 

Salvus Clinic provides health care to all ages and all genders. This includes counselling; supportive addiction management; screening and prevention of illness; immunizations; routine health assessments; blood work and referrals to specialists. 

Originally located within a local homeless shelter, the clinic relocated in 2012 to the Community Peace Centre in the core of the downtown area. Salvus Clinic lies on the path to a soup kitchen, is easily reached by public transit or walking, and is wheelchair accessible. The clinic has the added bonus of being located on the first floor and can be accessed discretely by clients throughout the day. The clinic is 2,780 square feet and has a waiting room, four shared offices, four examination/counseling rooms, one group meeting room and a wheelchair accessible washroom. 

Salvus Clinic links with various community and government agencies such as Horizon Health and Vitalite´ , Department of Social Development, local shelters, AIDS Moncton, YWCA  and United Way, to name a few, for the purpose of improving wrap- around services to meet the complex needs of our clients.

Is Salvus the Right Clinic for Me?

If more than two circumstances on this list apply to you, you may benefit from an appointment at the clinic:
  1. I am homeless.
  2. I have a mental illness which severely impacts my life.
  3. I currently do not have a primary healthcare provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner).
  4. My substance use has led to loss of social connections (family and friends) and/ or incarceration.
Through a screening appointment, the community navigator may be able to connect you to resources in the community or determine whether the clinic staff can further assist you.


Peer Support

Salvus Clinic is recognized provincially as a leader in peer-support work and we are very proud to work closely with our Peer Support Specialists.

Our last training was held in January 2017. Currently those trained are working with mentors in the community and are excited to be able to give back to the community. We would like to thank WA Action for providing funding to help us train the peers.

Transgender Support

Salvus Clinic started its transgender clinic in the summer of 2013 to provide services to transgendered individuals. Salvus Clinic staff provide support to those without a family physician who may need counselling, hormone management, and referrals. The clinic hosts UBU, a transgender support and action group designed to help our transgender community comfortably and confidently transition and integrate into society.

Peer Supported Housing

In partnership with United Way, Salvus Clinic manages two Peer Supportive Housing (PSH) buildings which provide housing with on-site support to tenants who experience issues with mental health and chronic homelessness. Tenants for PSH must be eligible to receive housing under the rules for the Department of Social Development and must agree to pay a portion of the rent and work towards recovery with the staff. Currently Salvus works closely with the Housing Review Assessment Team (HART) to identify individuals with high needs who might benefit from peer supported housing.

Diabetic Clinic

If you have diabetes and need help with managing your illness, a diabetic educator visits the clinic monthly and can help you. Call the clinic for an appointment.

YWCA Partnership

Salvus Clinic is a key partner in this federally funded program, an initiative that seeks to help individuals exit the sex trade through stable housing and support for mental and physical health. Connect with Jen Fredericks to find out more.

Needle Distribution

In partnership with AIDS Moncton, Salvus Clinic distributes and collects needles for individuals who have issues with substance use.

Navigator Services

Salvus Clinic, with funding from GSC, is helping clients navigate health and community systems. Using a holistic approach to assess needs and strengths, the clinic staff is ready to help people start on their road to recovery.


Please phone the office at 384-7283 during clinic hours to schedule an appointment. If you call during open clinic hours and are unable to get through, please leave a brief message with your name and your phone number.

We strive to respond to each and every message during open hours, however, due to the busyness of the office and the high volume of calls, your message may not be returned immediately. If you do not hear back within 1 business day, please call back.

Please note that our highest call volumes are between the hours of 9AM-10AM and between 1PM-2:30PM. You will have more success getting through if you call at alternative hours.

Please note that our e-mail address is not to be used to obtain medical advice. It is for the transmission of non-medical information only.

Salvus Team

Dr. Susan Crouse
Family Physician

Dr. Susan Crouse is the co-founder of Salvus Clinic. A veteran health care provider in both family practice and emergency medicine.

Angie Arsenault-Daigle
Nurse practitioner

Angie has been a nurse practitioner since 2008 and a registered nurse with critical care and mental health care experience, since 1994. She is certified with a specialty in Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing by the Canadian Nurses Association.

Murielle Doucette
Service Coordinator

As a service coordinator, she helps clients navigate complex systems such as health or social development departments in order to determine the next step for recovery.

Priscilla Brown
Administrative Assistant

As the frontline person, Priscilla helps direct clients to the right staff at the clinic. She is the friendly voice on the telephone and the best coffee maker.

Jennifer Fredericks
Community Recovery Counsellor

Jen is a loving mom, past youth counsellor and is completing her degree in counselling psychology. She provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals who currently work in the sex trade.

Lauren Fawcett
Community Navigator

Lauren works alongside of clients to help them access the most appropriate services available depending on their needs. She helps clients understand the range of services available in their area, increase their community connections, and build strong support networks.

Tammy Clements
Housing Peer Support Specialist

We welcome Tammy back as our Housing Peer Support Specialist. She helps tenants maintain their housing at the peer supported housing complexes and scattered site apartments around the city working with the Salvus team and HART.